• Provides a complete range of contact centre-based telephone and mail collection techniques to several banking, financial services, consumer credit and credit unions clients.
  • Our contact centre is equipped with state-of-the-art telephony and collections technology which is specifically designed for volume collections.
  • We have a dedicated team of qualified servicing agents who have many years of experience in the credit servicing sector.
  • Outsourcing non-core activities provides a seamless extension of our clients’ in-house operations allowing them to free up resources creating staffing capacity to focus on areas of core competence and expertise.
  • A growing number of our clients are looking at the benefits of outsourcing accounts earlier in the customer servicing cycle and recognise the value of working with a specialist credit servicing company. At Cabot Financial Ireland, we have significant expertise in this area.
  • When working as an outsourced provider we understand our client’s values, priorities and challenges. We incorporate this into our approach, using our state of the art technology and highly ethical customer focused team, to deliver results that ensure we are the outsourced collector of choice for a growing number of well recognized and respected names in banking, financial services and credit union sectors.

Cabot Financial Ireland are currently working with over 80 Credit Unions and provide a range of tailored services:

  • Collections for written off debt.
    • Consistently deliver market leading cash collection rates for our clients.
  • Legal solutions offered through Belgard Solicitors.
    • A specialist legal provider dedicated to the area of legal recoveries, with an integrated legal platform allowing our clients the option to have full sight on accounts activity.
  • Unique outsourced early arrears portfolio management solution.
    • Interacting with members from first contact all the way through the process.
    • Increased opening hours for members, managing calls until 8pm.
    • Increased contact rates and portfolio performance
    • Reduced cost with scalable solution
    • Credit Union partners leverage Cabot technology investment.
  • Portfolio Acquisition also known as debt sale, is an increasingly popular strategy for organisations seeking to improve cash flow and reduce balance sheet liabilities.  It has become an integrated part of most Irish collections’ operations.  A debt sale can take the shape of a one-off sale, or a more regular arrangement; it is a flexible process mutually agreed between vendor and purchaser.
  • Cabot Financial is the market leader in consumer portfolio acquisition.
  • All acquired portfolios are serviced directly by Cabot Financial, a regulated credit servicing firm.
  • Cabot Financial’s demonstrated professional and consistent approach over the past decade facilitates convenient options for vendors in respect of once off or repeat transactions.
  • Cabot Financial provide a comprehensive outsourced Mortgage Servicing offering aligning regulatory requirements and best practice.  This extends from live mortgage servicing, full arrears support unit, including litigation and receivership and Asset Disposal.
  • Within our mortgage platform we have devised bespoke contact strategies for our clients reflecting the nature of the debt and client requirements these range from lettering, telephony and face to face visits.
  • This end to end service includes collection and enforcement strategies for any residual debt subsequent to the sale of the asset.
  • Our clients include Banks, Retail Credit Firms and Loan Owners.
  • Repayment capacity evaluation.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Checks.
  • Screening of Borrowers.
  • Analysis of valuation.
  • CCR (Central Credit Register) checks.
  • Lending recommendations.
  • Loan Offer.
  • Transfer of Funds for drawdown.
  • Continued servicing (interest rate changes, loan statements and ad hoc requests).

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