Making a Complaint

Making a Complaint

At Cabot Financial Ireland we pride ourselves on our values to put people at the heart of everything that we do, our shared principles to treat our customers responsibly and fairly, and working with them to develop sustainable solutions to their current financial circumstances.

Our quality of service is paramount to treating customers with respect, and assisting them in addressing their financial situations ethically.

We work hard to maintain this quality service and our reputation.  However, we also recognise that sometimes things can go wrong.  In the event that we have made a mistake or we could have done something better, we will do our best to put this right for you.

How to complain:

1.  By Telephone:

Promontoria Scariff Mortgage Accounts: 01-4649070
(Monday – Thursday 9:00am/05:30 pm Friday – 09:00am/5:00pm)

Other Mortgage Accounts: 01-4649172
(Monday – Thursday 9:00am/05:30 pm Friday – 09:00am/5:00pm)

Business Customers: 01-5630070
(Monday – Thursday 09:00am/05:30 pm Friday – 09:00am/5:00pm)

Credit Unions: 01-4649019
(Monday – Thursday 08:30am/08:00 pm Friday – 08:30am/5:00pm)

All other Accounts: 01-4649000
(Monday – Thursday 08:30am/05:30 pm Friday – 08:30am/5:00pm)

2. By Letter:

Cabot Financial (Ireland) Ltd, PO Box 11151, Tallaght, Dublin 24

How the complaint process works:

If any issues arise in the course of your dealings with us, please talk to us and let us know what your concerns are.  Please speak with us early so that either a Team Leader or Manager can address and resolve your concerns quickly.

If we are unable to resolve your concerns in the first instance, then the matter will be referred to our Complaints Team, who will contact you promptly in writing to acknowledge receipt of your complaint.  If you have any documentation that could assist us with our enquiries, please forward these to us, so that we can resolve your complaint quickly.

We will attempt, to conclude our investigation within 4 weeks, and send you our final response.  If we are unable to do so, for example if we are waiting on additional information, we will send you a letter updating you on the progress of our investigation.  In any case, we will endeavour to send a final response to you within 40 business days of receipt of your complaint.

For further information, please download our Complaint Procedure Leaflet 2022

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