Cabot Financial Ireland

  • Cabot Financial Ireland, which is part of Cabot Credit Management Group, is Ireland’s leading ethical acquirer and manager of consumer debt
  • Cabot Financial Ireland was formed in 2007 and after a period of significant growth now focuses on offering specialist services in the areas of debt purchase, contingency collections, and outsource solutions including its tailored credit union solution with over 70 Credit Union clients to date
  • The group, which has purchased over 7 million customer accounts, employs approximately 1500 people with offices in Ireland, UK and Spain.
  • We pride ourselves on our ethical values, customer service and high standards.  We have achieved an impressive number of accolades including:
    • Consumer Credit Team of the Year 2015
    • Consumer Credit Manager of the Year 2015
  • Cabot Financial Ireland firmly believes in sustaining excellent practices through its position on ethical debt collection with a strong focus on compliance, legal, and quality standards, we believe in engaging our people in our shared vision and values
  • We collect debts on behalf of our clients through our prelegal collections call centre and our legal partners Belgard Solicitors.  As part of the Cabot Credit Management Group we have the financial backing to finance the purchase of consumer debt portfolios as the market develops in Ireland
  • We operate under the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland.  We are also members of the UK Credit Services Association and the UK Debt Buyers & Sellers Group.
  • Cabot Financial Ireland are proud to be authorised under Part V of the Central Bank Act, 1997.