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Debt Sale

Debt Sale is an increasingly popular strategy for organisations wanting to improve cash flow and reduce balance sheet liabilities.  It has become an integrated part of most Ireland collections operations.  A debt sale can take the shape of a one off sale, or a more regular arrangement; it is a flexible process mutually agreed between seller and purchaser.

You will no doubt have numerous questions and possibly a few reservations if considering debt sale for the first time; from “when is the right time?”; “what are the risks?” to “where do I start?”

As market leader in consumer debt purchase in Ireland – with over 950 portfolio purchases to date – we can support you in finding a solution to your non-performing debt.  We have a proven history of the highest level of integrity, compliance and treating customers fairly.


Purchase Process

Although the process can be flexible, the steps are essentially very simple and straightforward, taking on average six weeks from start to completion of sale.  On signing a confidentiality agreement, typically the next steps are as follows:

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Our Approach

Our debt purchase programmes release cash immediately, enabling our clients to benefit from the certainty of cash flow.

The professional and consistent approach that we have demonstrated over the past decade has made it easy for sellers to conduct transactions on a first time or repeat basis.  It’s the expertise, integrity and high standards we are committed to, that our clients rely on.

The benefits of working with the best in the business … to you and your customers are:

  • Management expertise that protects your brand and reputation
  • Your customers being managed in a customer focused, compliant and ethical way with full credit bureaux reporting
  • A highly professional and well trained collections team. Quality of service is paramount, treating customers as just that, customers not debtors
  • A flexible approach to portfolio purchases
  • A debt sale process which is widely regarded as setting industry best practice


The Benefits

  • Gain value for underperforming debt
  • Reduce management and administration time
  • Significantly reduce overheads and fixed costs
  • Focus in-house resources on performing debts
  • Gain a strategic tool in the collection armoury
  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce capital adequacy requirements on your balance sheet

Work with us and you will gain these benefits in a seamless sales transaction.

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