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Credit Union Services

Cabot Financial Ireland are currently working with a wide range of Credit Unions.

To the Credit Union we provide a range of tailored services – from early arrears management, collections on written off debt and a full suite of legal solutions offered through Belgard Solicitors.

Early Arrears – Outsourced Early Arrears Management

In this scenario we are collecting as the Credit Union, but from our collections floor based in Tallaght Dublin 24, which is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm.

The Credit Union gains from being able to use our full range of technology solutions, payment options and activity monitoring.

We also offer legal services through our dedicated legal partner, Belgard Solicitors.  They offer to the Credit Unions an additional level of escalation through their pre-legal collections department and a full suite of legal service including Defending Actions.

Written Off Debt – Collections on Written Off Arrears

We offer a solution on written off accounts, where accounts are managed and collected by Cabot Financial Ireland as Cabot Financial Ireland, with specifically designed collection strategies for these written off cases. Our team drives engagement back with the Credit Union and produces a cash flow from these accounts directly to the Credit Union.

Legal Service – Full Suite of Legal Solutions

Our legal partner, Belgard Solicitors provide legal services to the Credit Union.

They are a cash focused practice and have a dedicated collections team within the business. This team conducts a letter and call strategy from the solicitors practice before any litigation takes place.

Belgard Solicitors also offers a full suite of legal services from judgements, instalment orders, judgement mortgages, repossessions through all level of courts including up to the masters court.

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