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Backup Servicing

Ireland continues to lead the way in offering innovative financial services solutions for investment structures.  Recognised as a global hub for investment funds, Ireland has an established investment funds industry with over €1.9 trillion worth of investments fund assets administered in Ireland.

Ireland has also firmly established itself as a location of choice for the establishment of special purpose vehicles (SPVs) for structured finance transactions.  Both industries provides vehicles through which investors can invest indirectly in a wide variety of assets through holding shares and units of bonds issued by these vehicles.

Cabot Financial Ireland provides a full back-up service solution on such investments, with specialist experience with asset backed securitizations (ABS).  In this scenario Cabot Financial Ireland as back-up servicer is appointed to step into the shoes of a primary servicer, when such events as deterioration in collections or potential insolvency occur.

Cabot Financial Ireland and its management team, having completed several back-up servicer deals, and are in a unique position to provide these services to funds and investors in consumer assets in the Irish market.

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